Does Your Small To Mid-sized Business Need Seo? � Part2

SEO is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines like Google via natural (�organic�) or unpaid search results as opposed to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which are paid inclusion.

Today, people start their purchasing process online. They go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Studies indicate that, 81% of Internet user’s worldwide use search engines. You want to be sure these potential customers find your company when seeking the products and services you offer. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO can position your website at the top of the search engine listings for the keywords in a search query, resulting in increased traffic and ultimately more sales for your business.

6.Could you benefit from added visibility via social media?
Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other social sites are exploding in popularity and can play an important part in your SEO strategy. Participation on these fast-growing platforms can generate huge amounts of traffic to your site, which leads to increased exposure and helps build your brand.

7.Would you like a better return on your advertising investment than you currently get from traditional media like newspapers, Yellow Pages, television or radio?

SEO costs much less than traditional advertising platforms yet offers more reach and longer exposure. Optimize your website with SEO, and it could stay at the top of the search engines for months or years, but nobody keeps yesterday’s newspaper or last year’s Yellow Pages lying around for long. And radio and TV commercials are forgotten within minutes. You’ll get a far greater return on investment from the online visibility and increased traffic that SEO delivers.

8.Would you prefer to have top placement on the search engines without paying for it?
Sure you can purchase pay-per-click (PPC) ads to appear in the search results, but that will eat up your marketing budget in a hurry. Also, you should know that studies indicate 85% of search engine users are more likely to click on organic (natural) search results rather than paid search ads. SEO is considered a better investment than PPC advertising.

9.Do you value targeted leads?
Search engine users who find you through Google, Bing and Yahoo are specifically looking for products and services that your company offers. They are qualified visitors with a genuine interest in your products or services, and that’s just what you need.

10.Are you concerned that your competition has a stronger presence online than you do?

The longer you wait to implement SEO techniques, the more entrenched your competitors get in the search rankings. You need to focus on getting your website ranked now if you want to increase your market share of the business. Tomorrow may be too late.

The online marketplace is crowded by search engine optimization consultant. Small and medium-sized businesses must compete aggressively to attract attention and new customers. Fortunately, SEO is affordable and can make a powerful difference in the volume and quality of traffic your site receives.